marketing automation


There is a large demand for marketing automation skills. Be at the forefront of your field, and gain the skills needed to become a marketing automation manager.  

Our marketing automation certification track offers four 90-minute courses as outlined below. Training starts March 15, 2017 and is held in Flatiron NYC on Wednesdays from 6:30 - 8:00 PM.

Next Generation of Lead Generation


Generating inbound leads is a combination of creating compelling call-to-action and being able to target the right audience on the right platform. Lead Nurturing is the process of cultivating those leads into full-fledged clients.


In this course you will explore various ways to generate inbound leads, utilizing a multitude of digital marketing tools. Lead nurturing is essential to conversion, and therefore, we will also focus on how to nurture a lead once it’s captured. 



Basics of Generating Demand

Casting a Wide Net

Creating Compelling CTAs

Embedding the Proper Lead Capture Forms

Ensuring all is Tracked

Setting Your Lead Nurturing Campaign

Understanding and Optimizing Your Campaign

Setting Proper Expectations for Conversions

Understanding Customer journey: Lead Score, persona, & affinity


Getting a full picture of your prospects and contacts is essential for digital marketers. This will allow a unified approach to nurturing leads while empowering your salesforce to have a clear benchmark for lead quality and maturity.


By the end of this course you should have a firm understanding of how to leverage lead score, persona, and journey for your marketing activities. 



Lead Scoring


Lead Personas

Drip Campaigns

Lead Journey

Putting Automation to Work


MAPs (Marketing Automation Platforms) have changed the way enterprises and SMBs scale their growth. In short, Marketing Automation, if executed correctly, helps companies generate 10% more revenue and dramatically increases ROI for any marketing investments.


This course is put together to offer exclusive insights into how Marketing Automation can be leveraged for your organization.



If/Then Conditions

Email Drip Campaigns

Lead Persona

Lead Scoring

Lead Nurturing

Fault Tolerance 

Omnichannel Marketing


Omnichannel marketing is simply combining all of your marketing into a streamlined, cohesive funnel. An integrated digital marketing campaign is a fundamental pillar of a successful, ROI-centric marketing department.


We will explore what omnnichannel marketing looks like, how it can be organized, measured, and put into use with automation and data visualization.  



Basics of Omnichannel Marketing

Setting Your Course of Action

Synchronizing Your Sales and Marketing

Synchronizing Your Marketing Materials 

Ensuring Branding & Message Consistency 

Utilizing Marketing Automation 

Measuring Omnichannel Matrix 

Optimizing Your Omnichannel Campaign


Students get full access to the SAM.AI Automation Platform.  This platform offers the ability to run various marketing campaigns related to: lead management, lead nurturing, marketing automation, email marketing, landing page management, social media management, Search Engine Optimization, and more.



This is a great opportunity for our members to network with their peers over drinks and snacks. Each month we invite guest speakers to share their insights in digital marketing and entrepreneurship with our members.